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Computer Repair

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Is your PC running slower than normal?
Does your PC freeze occasionally?
Is your PC unresponsive to your mouse and your keyboard commands?
Do you have a lot of pop ups asking you to purchase Anti-Virus software?
Does going on the Internet take forever?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we can help. You PC is most likely infested with Viruses, malware and/or spyware. Our bench technicians are qualified to diagnose and address these issues in your PC promptly and efficiently.

Additional Services for Both PCs and Laptops:
1. Power supply replacements.
2. Motherboard replacement.
3. Hard drives replacements and upgrades.
4. Monitor/LCD repairs.
5. Video card upgrades and replacement.
6. Memory upgrades.

...and many more services derived to prolong the life of your PC.


Total Care Managed Services

Whether you have an IT Staff or you are a small business, our managed services and tools will monitor and optimize your Network and your PCs bringing your productivity to a maximum level.

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Microsoft Small Business Specialist
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"...Since we have had the Managed Services System from DIS in place for the months of April and May, we have noticed that our computers are running effectively. They had been running slowly and losing their connections to the server. Updates have been done on time. Disk cleaup and defragmentation have been done on most computers, enabling them to work better, since the process opens useful space on the computers."

- Assumption Academy

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Microsoft Small Business Specialist
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